Sarnai Ejinn

"Your presence is that of a warming light"

Spirited Xaela Crafter

(Mateus Roleplayer)

The basics

Race: Xaela (Au Ra)
Age & Nameday: 25 (24th Sun of the Third Astral Moon)
Alias: Sar
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Tribe: Nuur Khuudas
Occupation: Ajil (Tradecrafter)
Deity: Nhaama
Height: 4 fulms 7 ilms
Body shape: Pear-shaped. (Stronger lower body)

Standing at a meager 4fulms 7ilms, Sarnai is a bit below average in height compared to other female Auri. She has a small, petite body. Yet, the female has strong and curvy leg muscles built naturally from being an Ejinn and migrating through the waters. Her hips are wide and curved as well, but tapers up towards a small waist.
Her eyes are bright and ceruleum in hue with a lighter blue limbal ring that glimmers with delight at the sight of water! Her hair is long and quite wavy, and is often adorned with a braid or random baubles and flowers.

The woman’s skin is a soft blue as well, and has a kind and soft face that is always full of life! Sarnai has very few scars. She sees scars as something to be ashamed of when they are on herself, since she is not a fighter.
Her hands are calloused and worn from how much effort she puts in each craft she produces.


With a bright infectious smile, Sarnai has an uncanny ability to ignite the room and conversation. She is honest, intelligent, effortlessly quick-witted and sharp; she is kind, yet vivacious, tenacious, and on a conquest for knowledge.
She has a caring smile and warm heart that is frequently worn on her sleeve. The Ejinn is able to properly discern the difference between right and wrong, yet has a tendency to be incredibly selfish and self-serving; so being able to make the right judgement can be tough sometimes. With a small temper and a difficulty forgiving those who have wronged her, Sarnai can be a tumultuous force of positive or negative energy.
She values tradition to an extent, yet also understands the need to be flexible. She often hides her intelligence behind a ruse of simplicity.


Sarnai was born to a small sect of the Ejinn tribe that valued the spirits and elements more than it valued the strength of a herd. Her Father was the Head Guardian, or Darga Kharuul, of the tribe and her Mother was the shamaness, or Udgan. Her Mother had a very important job within the tribe, not only did she heal the tribe's wounds but she frequently communed with the spirits and elements and also had the honorable job of keeping and telling their stories and history. She was the youngest child to two older brothers, both of whom became a Guardian trainer and Guardian, respectively.
Sarnai, an impressionable child, yearned to follow them! Yet, her Mother, wanted Sarnai to follow in her foot steps instead. In an attempt to keep her from becoming too caught up in being a Guardian, her Mother had hoped keeping her hands busy would also keep her mind busy. With a tie to the nearby Orben tribe, her mother had Sarnai learn to work with reeds and wood to make their boats. Her brilliant mind fed on this new knowledge and it sparked her desire to learn more!

She had a fairly normal and carefree life in the Steppes. She learned to craft and also learned their tribes’ stories while her Mother taught her the basics of aether control! One day, at twenty-one summers, while shopping in Reunion, she came across a beautiful and intricate music box from Eorzea. She was infatuated by it and yearned to purchase it, but it was far too expensive and the man selling it wanted gil and not her wooden trinkets. Dejected, she returned home and on the way she recalled the stories of Xaela who left the Steppes to find better opportunities in the other regions and felt she needed to do the same! When she shared this excitement with her family, her parents were completely against the idea. They’d refuse to let her leave with their blessing, so Sarnai made the rash decision to leave her tribe in the dead of night without a word! She found her way to Kugane and stowed away on a cargo ship heading to Eorzea.

At first, she had little money and barely knew the language. But, a kindly Elezen took a liking to the female and took her in. He taught her how to speak the language, gave her a place to stay, and in return Sarnai fixed up his house and paid him some money whenever she came into it! She was able to learn more about Carpentry from the Guild in Gridania as well dabble in Goldsmithing in Ul’dah, and slowly she built a reputation! She was making money and was soon able to support herself with her ingenuity, and the Eorzean’s love for foreign furniture!

While in Gridania, she someone who she ended up falling madly in love with. Though the red-flags of his true intent were everywhere, the woman was desperately clinging to the the traditions and values she subconsciously yearned for.
And yet, it was this man and his actions that scarred Sarnai and terrified her to return home to be with her tribe after so many cycles away.
When she returned to the Steppes she found part of her sect, yet their yurts were abandoned and torn, bodies strewn across the plains and riverbanks, and among these bodies was her second oldest brother. Sword in hand as he prepared to defend the tribe.
Seeing that changed her, coupled with everything else had changed her. Guilt tugged her heart as she began to believe that their fates would have been different if she had stayed. This guilt had once put a stop to Sarnai's aether and how she controlled it, of course it was still there, she just couldn't seem to access it anymore.

She joined a tribe, Nuur Khuudas, and has been on a long and rocky journey of healing and self-love.

OOC & Hooks


Thank you for the interest, or passing interest, in my little Ejinn. I have been roleplaying in FFXIV for the past 4 years, but I have been RPing for over 10.

When it comes to RP topics, I prefer to keep an open mind. But if/when a topic ever comes up that I am uncomfortable with, I will definitely let you know. I consider myself "MostRP", and I tend to match my partner's writing style--though I prefer ParaRP. Regardless, communication is key. I am a very busy lady in the mornings and I usually run content after work on two days of the week, so all I am asking for is patience and understanding. As much as I would like to, I cannot dedicate my entire life to RP.

I also do Discord RP, but I will not guarantee I will respond every day. With my work demands, it might take me a few days or a week to respond.

RP Hook Ideas

Currently, I am interested in the following for Sarnai:

Casual RP: I love role-playing slice-of-life, and if you are too Sarnai is quite approachable and can speak Eorzean and Xaelic well--though her Eorzean has a heavy accent.

Romance/Relationship RP: While I do love romance RP, I am not interested in "love at first sight" or any pre-plotted romance. I will not guarantee Sarnai's interest in your character and I do not expect yours. I consider Sarnai a "long con", and I'm more interested in building relationships rather than shoving her into one.

Mentor RP: I would love for her to learn how to fully understand her aether and her role as a Shamaness.

Extra Info

▹ When Sarnai visits Eorzea, she tends to stay around Ul'dah or Gridania, though she does complain that her scales feel drier in Ul'dah.

▹ She is a sucker for fun and a good time, and is easily gullible.

She has a fear of horses.

▹ She can hold her breath for seventeen minutes.

▹ She is trying to eat more fish than meat, but is failing.

Feel free to add me on Discord or in-game should you want to discuss/plot!